The Best Revenge is Living Well

by We are the Movies

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Don't call it a crisis - just tell me how
my questions caused the alarms to sound in your head.
Your logic's paper-thin, discourse is sinking in.
So the thing you find so rebellious is that
I'm finally in the place to breathe on my own?
Shedding thoughts, untying knots -
the sleepers always hate the wide awake.

Don't say you'll pray for me anyway - I'm finally happy.

Your talking points, they have no voice.
I'm left here with no other choice -
to my own self be true.
And as your judgment calls are blurring,
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
You say I'm lost - I've found myself.
And if I can see the truth, tell me - why can't you?

Let's call it a process - one step at a time -
compose yourself and prepare to hear what I say
about my change in sight. Redemption's worth the fight.
'Cause all around me, I can see the souvenirs -
all the remnants of a life held back by shame and fear.
You were wrong to think I'd stay in my shell -
and the best revenge is living well.

Don't say you'll pray for me anyway - I'm finally happy.
I'm tearing pages from the books I hate -
you've lost the right to say I'm finally happy.

To my own self be true.

Don't say you're happy when I know you're not -
backtrack and act like you just forgot.
Just open your eyes and see it's easier to place the blame on me.

Don't say I'm wrong when I know that I'm not
since I've learned to have an independent thought.

The best revenge is living well.


released November 20, 2014




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